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City of Heroes gets PVP

Kill your super friends! In new tights, too.

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NCsoft has released City of Heroes Issue 4: Colosseum, a new add-on for the massively multiplayer online game that's free to subscribers via automatic download.

There are a few new features on offer but the most significant is the addition of three Player-Versus-Player arenas, which provide a place for you test your hero skills against other players in combat.

The arenas are set on Galaxy City, Talos Island and Peregrine Island. They provide access to PVP zones for solo, team or super-group battles, and you can customise combat settings too.

Players of all levels can enter the arenas, and there's a ranking system so you can see how you match up with other heroes. Win and you get extra recognition, lose and you'll still walk away with battle experience - without incurring character debt.

"PVP has been a highly requested option, but until now City of Heroes has been only player-versus-environment style, so this opens up a whole new opportunity for our community," said lead designer Jack Emmert.

"I believe PVP will supplement the game while not detracting from City of Heroes' missions or story arcs. I see the PVP arenas as a way for players to hone their skills and as a change of pace from arresting villains."

The Colosseum add-on also features new options for the costume customisation tool, and you can now choose from a wide range of anime-style outfits. Plus you can change the shape of your character's body parts, including head, shoulders, legs and chest.

"We took a costume customisation tool that offered an almost unlimited number of costume options and added to it by geometric proportions," said Emmert.

"One of the achievements we are most proud of is that players know that they can play City of Heroes and may never see another player with the same costume."

Issue 4: Colosseum is being released to celebrate the first year anniversary of the game's US release, and the fact it's now been out in Europe for three months. For a full run-down, visit the official CoH website.

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