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City of Heroes gets a facelift

Issue 17 brightens things up.

Old-timer MMO City of Heroes has had a facelift and gained reflective water and surfaces, real-time shadows and snazzy lighting.

The changes come with update Issue 17, subtitled Dark Mirror and available now.

Another addition is the opportunity to fight yourself in Doppelgänger form as part of a new story arc. We're also promised new story-telling methods, Mission Architect improvements and animated tails. The latter has apparently been asked for time and time again.

Issue 17: Dark Mirror arrives ahead of the second full-sized City of Heroes expansion Going Rogue. As the name suggests, this allows players to turn evil. Going Rogue is "coming soon" and has no concrete date.

Get a glimpse of Issue 17: Dark Mirror's graphical tweaks in the trailer below.