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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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City of Heroes Animal Pack price, date


Want to play a superhero MMO but concerned you can't create an eagle-man? Worry no more, citizen - the City of Heroes Animal Pack is nearly here!

Due 23rd February for the price of £6, this add-on introduces the alluring ability to build a superhero using the best bits of the best beasts on our planet. No, not hamsters and ponies and chihuahuas - I'm talking tigers, minotaurs (they're not even real they're so brilliant!) and birds with really sharp beaks, not rubbishy old gammy-legged pigeons.

You can pick from more than 60 costume parts and patterns grouped broadly under Feline, Avian, Minotaur and Wolf categories (wolves are absolutely mental they're so cool!), plus six new emotes: Savage, Hiss, Sniff, Feature Burst, Fur Burst and Feather Fly.

It's not all cosmetic fluff, either; there's a new Beast Run travel power available at character level four. There are also new auras dubbed Flea and Beastly Rage.

City of Heroes, seven years old in Europe and nearly eight in the US, is no longer the only superhero MMO on the block. Defeated challenger Champions Online has turned free-to-play, and DC Universe has just swooped in.

Will beast bodies be enough to see them off?

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