City of Heroes: Going Rogue

City of Heroes' Going Rogue dated

Morally flexible expansion out in August.

NCsoft has announced that Going Rogue, the next expansion pack for its superhero MMO City of Heroes, will be released on 17th August.

City of Heroes getting second expansion

City of Heroes getting second expansion

Going Rogue lets Heroes turn Villain.

NCsoft has unveiled the first major expansion for City of Heroes since City of Villains launched in 2005. It's called Going Rogue and is "coming soon".

The key feature is the ability for Heroes to turn Villain and vice versa, through specially marked quests, behaviours and decisions. That means Hero archetypes can now explore the Rogue Isles, while Villains can venture to Paragon City.

Central to all this is the new area of Praetoria, a utopian mirror-image of the world ruled over by Tyrant, the evil incarnation of Paragon's hero, Statesman. Here players will explore the grey area between good and evil.

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