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New HL2 Episode One video


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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA's released a new video of Half-Life 2: Episode One in action - and we've whacked it up on Eurogamer TV for you to check out.

Featuring a mixture of existing footage and new stuff (including plenty of Alyx, some rollercoastery bits and lots of "eek" moments), the trailer runs for two minutes. (Or 1' 60" if you believe the site. Oops. Episode One - The Phanton Minute?)

Episode One, which will be released through Steam digital distribution and at retail through EA, is due out on May 31st according to a recent interview with Gabe Newell and Doug Lombardi.

The game's expected to deal with events immediately following the conclusion of Half-Life 2 - and had gone by the name "Aftermath" until recently.

As the new name suggests, there's more to come - with Valve recently admitting that a second episode is already in development, although there's no word on when we're likely to see that.

And on a related note, Valve launched the official Half-Life 2: Episode One website on Friday at

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