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Eurogamer poker heat #3!

It's heating up!

It's that time of the week again! Yes, it's time to try and take your fellow readers' money in our weekly Eurogamer PKR Challenge heat.

This one's the third of seven, and you can get involved by downloading the PKR client and joining us at 8pm UK time.

The tournament should appear as Private Freeroll #EGC3. After a bit of gatecrashing last week, we're also asking anybody who wants to play to email us a registered Eurogamer username, and we'll hand over the password in time for you to take part.

Registration for the tournament will be enabled two hours beforehand.

The prize fund available is US$ 500, with the winner and the three next-best-ranked players over the course of the heats stage going onto our grand final on 14th December.

Join us again tomorrow morning for the results, and of course a rundown of who's in those all-important next-best leaderboard slots.