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World of WarCraft stress test beta extended

Good news for Orcs and Night Elves.

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As those of you admiring the plains of Azeroth on a nightly basis at the moment probably know, the World of WarCraft MMORPG "stress test beta" has been extended until this Sunday, and developer Blizzard plans to allow thousands of additional testers onto the closed-beta who are currently languishing on the waiting list.

"Invitation emails have started going out to the new testers already. The stress test beta contest will continue on until the end of the stress test beta, at which time all stress test accounts will expire," the developer writes on the official WoW website.

However we'd suggest anybody hoping for a last-minute addition not try the developer's patience too much: "Please do not contact Blizzard to inquire about being added to the stress test beta," the website states in bold print. "All the information needed, such as how to access the stress test beta, will be provided in the email going out to new testers."

"Thanks to the stress testers, the development team has gained a great deal of information that is proving to be extremely valuable in the development of World of Warcraft. By extending the stress test beta, we will be able to gather even more useful data, which will help us ensure a smooth launch for World of Warcraft later this year. Thanks again, and we'll see you online!"

We should be having a close look at World of WarCraft in the near future.

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