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Pac-Man joins Live Arcade

400 MS points, trial available.

Pac-Man has become the latest addition to Xbox Live Arcade this morning.

The trial version gives you two rounds to play through, while the full version is the vanilla game with 12 achievements to unlock - mostly for collecting fruit and other pick-ups in advancing levels.

The game's going for 400 Microsoft points this morning, which is the equivalent of GBP 3.40 / EUR 4.65 / USD 5.00.

Pac-Man of course marks the final chapter in the current run of Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays, which have taken in Frogger, Cloning Clyde, Galaga and Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting.

Microsoft's previously said it hopes to continue delivering games weekly though, and earlier this week a report suggested that we'd see the release of several other games - including Lumines Live - by the first Wednesday of September.

We'll let you know, obviously - and stay tuned for a Pac-Man Live Arcade review soon.