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More XBLA release dates

Including Lumines Live.

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Microsoft will fulfil its ambition to deliver games to Live Arcade once a week after the current run of Wednesday releases finishes, according to a report from the UK Official Xbox Magazine website.

OXM states that this Wednesday's Pac-Man release will be followed by Texas Hold 'Em (Aug 16), Time Pilot (Aug 23), Scramble (Aug 30) and Lumines Live (Sept 6).

Good news then? Well yes, providing it's true - but while the mag lists Microsoft as a source, yesterday the US arm of the company dismissed the dates as "rumour and speculation" and said it would release a proper schedule in the coming weeks.

We're still waiting for clarification from Microsoft's UK representatives.

Late last month, when asked by Joystiq whether we'd see as many as 30 titles on Xbox Live Arcade this year, worldwide games portfolio manager Ross Erickson said the company would "certainly have enough games in the pipeline - more than enough, in fact - to achieve that goal on a weekly basis".

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