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EGTV: Dark Crusade trailer

See new Dawn of War expansion.

Company of Heroes may be the glamorous E3 award winner, but Relic Entertainment has more than one iron in the RTS fire, with a second expansion due for its Warhammer 40k-inspired Dawn of War franchise.

Key to Dark Crusade is the addition of two new playable races - the Tau and Necrons - beefing up the game's total to a meaty seven.

Eurogamer TV is currently showing a new trailer focusing on the Necrons which, according to the developer, "are a race of metallic skeletons bent on enslaving all life in the galaxy. They succeeded once in the distant past but were overthrown, and they've been lying dormant beneath the sands, waiting for their moment of revenge. As luck would have it, that moment has finally arrived."

In particular, the trailer shows off the Necron monolith, the game's ultimate willy-waving weapon, as it transforms and causes satisfyingly spectacular devastation in all directions to the tune of a stirring orchestral score.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is due for release on PC this autumn.