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Prince of Persia 2 trailer released

Don't just Sand there!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has released its 90-second E3 trailer for Prince of Persia 2, and because we love you all like the children we never had because we used the Time Dagger and went back and undid the pregnancy, we've popped the hi-res 20MB version of it up on Eurofiles. Enjoy.

The trailer shows off some fabulous lighting, reflections, combat techniques and much more besides, although a lot of it could just be CGI. Or not. There are only a few bits we reckon we could make a cast iron case for one way or another. We hope it is in-game though.

Nevertheless, the trailer certainly does demonstrate the darker narrative tone of Prince of Persia 2, which sees the player reunited with the prince (looking a bit like singer Enrique Iglesias these days) in a new environment, enclosed in a similar manner to the palace of the first game - and pursued by forces angry at the damage his meddling with The Sands of Time caused to the path of history.

As the trailer itself says, POP2 ought to be out by Christmas, and is being developed for PS2, Cube, Xbox and PC.

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