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Ground Control 2 multiplayer demo

Is released. For you to download. And on Eurofiles.

Vivendi-Universal Games and Massive Entertainment have released a three-map multiplayer demo of Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus, which also includes a single-player map from the previously released single-player demo. So it's probably best described as "a demo including multiplayer" rather than "a multiplayer demo". Consultancy? We offer it. We also offer the 213MB demo for download here.

Apart from the aforementioned single and afore-aforementioned multiplayer aspect, the demo also includes a pair of tutorial missions, which ought to get you up to speed on how best to handle the two sides - the Northern Star Alliance (aren't they an airline?) on one side and the Viron Nomads on the other - and also introduces us to Massgate, which apparently is Massive Entertainment's proprietary gaming lobby. Say hello everybody!

In a further attempt to get people excited about Ground Control 2, which is due out on June 25th on the PC, VU Games has also announced that a multiplayer demo tournament will run from June 12th onwards, and that further details will be made available at Judging by the excited response we've seen to this amongst our RTS-having-a-clue-about friends, it ought to be well worth getting involved.