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Clive Barker, John Woo unite

To form Woo Barker, and work on Demonik.

Horror legend Clive Barker has signed up to oversee the making of Demonik, a new third-person action-adventure game for next-generation consoles.

It's being developed by BloodRayne creator Terminal Reality and co-published by Majesco together with Tiger Hill Entertainment, John Woo's games company. A Demonik film is also in the works, and a graphic novel and "limited-edition statue" are under discussion. All are due for release in 2006.

"Barker is set to oversee the story, character designs, cinematics and voice talent for the game," Majesco confirmed.

"He also has the option to write and direct the film," the publisher added. Word has it he's already started a treatment that's being touted around Hollywood.

Little is known about the details of the game other than the fact that you get to control "the ultimate bad guy", according to Majesco - "wreaking havoc with a variety of innovative and spectacular powers and abilities."

But Barker seems pretty excited about it, anyway: "Demonik will be an intense gaming experience," he commented.

"I’m having a lot of fun enriching the game’s mythology and polishing the characters till they shine. And, of course, adding a little bit of Barker darkness. Demonik promises to be a game that you will play with clammy palms."

This isn't the first time Woo and Barker have been involved with games. A film version of Spy Hunter is currently in production, starring The Rock and directed by Woo, who has also secured the big screen rights to Metroid. Barker was involved with EA's 2001 action effort Undying.

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