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Nokia bags Sega pair

Virtua Cop and Alien Front on N-Gage.

Along with the Snow Tour, Nokia has today announced another pair of Sega-branded, Bluetooth-enabled N-Gage titles due out this spring; Virtua Cop and Alien Front.

Virtua Cop, although obviously sans light-gun (and some would therefore say sans charm), will still opt for a first-person perspective, although we're not sure if it's going to be on-rails as it usually is given Nokia's promise of a multiplayer mode including Bluetooth wireless support. The most likely scenario we'd say is an on-rails shooter with some sort of aiming cross-hair and multiplayer "racing" rather than direct deathmatch competition...

Alien Front, on the other hand, will rely on two-player deathmatch via Bluetooth as a selling point, with statistics uploaded to N-Gage Arena too. On the whole it sounds like quite a simple game, which sees you piloting two and four-legged walkers and anti-gravity hovercraft vehicles as an army tank commander defending Earth against alien invasion.

We'll bring you more on both when they pitch up in the next few months.

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