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Ubi to publish Gates of Discord

EQ expansion pack due later this week in Europe.

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As predicted (no, seriously) Ubisoft is the lucky publisher raring to release the new expansion pack Gates of Discord for MMORPG EverQuest this month, as part of the company's longstanding agreement with Sony Online Entertainment.

Gates of Discord will be made available on February 12th in Europe (rather than Friday the 13th, by the looks of it), which is just 72 hours after it's released in the USA. Ubisoft EMEA marketing director Florence Alibert praised relations between Ubi and SOE in getting it out so soon. "We have worked closely with SOE to shorten the delays and the result is that, for the first time, we will be able to release this new EQ expansion within three days," he said.

You can read more about Gates of Discord here and there are a few shots to accompany the announcement available here.

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