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Draw-a-different-head DS game

Be a window, escape police.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Scans from the latest Famitsu have shown up featuring a new Namco DS game where you remodel the main character's head in order to evade police capture.

The anime-esque game, apparently called Kaitou Ruso, sees hero Ruso on the run from the law. In the clearest of the screenshots, hauled up by Jeux France, the androgynous Ruso stands up against a window and the player draws a window pane to go where his head was, confusing the police (who are apparently nonplussed by what presumably appears to be a headless corpse in the middle of a corridor).

In other shots Ruso's seen with a some odd player-made deformities, useful for hiding in an art gallery, and a good few female forms. BEST, there's a silhouette of a tall man in a top hat on one of the scans, who is presumably the bad guy. Top hats: win.

It all sounds a bit peculiar, and it looks quite heavily text-based, so perhaps the chances of a quick translation are a bit on the slim side, but it's an interesting idea nonetheless. Namco's previously experimented with this draw-your-own-avatar style approach in Pac-Pix, which involved drawing your own Pac-man and having him munch ghosts and solve puzzles without letting him stray from the screen.

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