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MS denies bigger HDD again

Photographs mean nothing!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has once again denied that it's doing a high capacity Xbox 360 hard disk.

Last month the company claimed that sightings of a 100GB hard disk in Korea had "been misleading", but its latest response comes after more convincing photographs of an Xbox 360 hard disk claiming to have 70GB of free space began circulating.

The company's announcement that TV and film content will be released through Xbox 360 has also increased speculation that a bigger hard disk is on the horizon.

High definition film rental files will occupy over a quarter of the space on the 360's existing hard disk, Microsoft admitted this week, even though they will delete themselves promptly within 24 hours of viewing.

A Microsoft spokesperson admitted that a larger hard disk "is always a possibility".

"The device is modular and there's the possibility that different hard drives will be available in the future. To reiterate, we have no plans to announce such an accessory in the near future," the spokesperson added - with the emphasis presumably on "near".

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