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Novadrome XBLA details

Due out this Christmas.

Buena Vista Games has shed some more light on Novadrome, after Microsoft said that it would be one of the last few Xbox Live Arcade titles released in 2006.

Developed by Carmageddon veterans Stainless Games, Novadrome is a science-fiction inspired vehicular combat game, in which players either take on the AI or each other using cars mounted with beam, particle and physics weapons.

There's a Career mode as well as Arcade and Free Play options for single players, along with multiplayer modes over Xbox Live and the usual array of leaderboards and achievements, with some 24 unique vehicles and 15 arenas with which to get to grips.

Meanwhile, those of you scratching your heads and going "hang about" will be pleased to hear you're not losing it - Novadrome had been in development for other formats, including PC and Xbox, but Stainless has since chosen to concentrate on Xbox Live Arcade.