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Staying Alive with Ubisoft

New type of survival game.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft is developing a new game called Alive in which surviving a disaster requires much more than just an itchy trigger finger.

Although not officially announced, Gamespot has reported how the publisher’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, let slip some details about the title in an article for the International Herald Tribune. While talking about games targeted at women (so-called "Pink Games" - Ellie'll love that), he described Alive as a non-traditional action survival game set in the aftermath of an earthquake.

“It reflects the company’s focus on an ‘action plus’ style,” explained Guillemot. “It’s more orientated toward drama, more life in characters, more depth. It’s still about surviving but you can’t resolve things by shooting only.”

Despite this bombshell, which could terrify to the core an entire generation of players supposedly only trained to blast away anything that moves, no further information on Alive apart from a vague 2007 launch window has been announced. There was also no one available for comment when Eurogamer called Ubisoft headquarters this afternoon, proving that you can't resolve things by phoning only either.

So, while we wait with bated breath for more news on Alive, keep playing Dead Rising and try not too worry about it.

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