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Gervais' Extras on UMD soon

As well as a host of other Universal Pictures releases, including Hulk.

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Exciting news for those of you who plan to cave in and pay lots of money for UMD movies: there are, er, going to be significantly more to buy within the next few months. Universal Pictures says we can expect to see The Bourne Identity, Hulk and The Mummy among others between now and January 2006.

Rather more interestingly, Ricky Gervais' new TV series Extras will be appearing on UMD on 14th November. Could be a big seller?

If you go looking you'll discover that Van Helsing, 8 Mile and The Bourne Supremacy are already available, but - aha! - that's just the tip of the overly expensive and arguably redundant proprietary media format onslaught.

Sashaying their way into stores in the near future will be The Mummy Returns (19th Sept), Eddie Izzard (he really can sashay - from 26th Sept), The Fast and the Furious (24th Oct), The Bourne Identity (24th Oct again), The Mummy (14th Nov), Hulk (same), and Battlestar Galactica (series 1 eps 1-3, 14th Nov).

The full line-up, thanks to UP, is as follows:

  • Van Helsing Available now
  • 8 Mile Available now
  • Bourne Supremacy Available now
  • The Mummy Returns 19/09/2005
  • Eddie Izzard 26/09/2005
  • League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse 03/10/2005
  • The Fast and the Furious 24/10/2005
  • Riddick 24/10/2005
  • Bourne Identity 24/10/2005
  • A Bear's Tail - Complete 1st Series 31/10/2005
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious 14/11/2005
  • The Mummy 14/11/2005
  • Hulk 14/11/2005
  • Extras - Complete 1st Series with Ricky Gervais 14/11/2005
  • Peter Kay Live at Manchester Arena 14/11/2005
  • Soccer AM2 - Greatest Players 14/11/2005
  • Battlestar Gallactica (series 1 eps 1-3) 14/11/2005
  • Unleashed 21/11/2005
  • Mr Bean Vol 2 28/11/2005
  • Green Street 26/12/2005
  • Lee Evans XL Tour Live 09/01/2006

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