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PSP video tools with AVC support

Make better movies. (That means you, Michael Bay.)

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you who enjoy doing other things with your NAUGHTY imported PlayStation Portables besides playing games will be pleased to learn that the third-party video-making tools have caught up with the 2.00 firmware upgrade.

What that means to the layman is that freebie PC and Mac software can now be used to convert a movie file on your PC into the new video format supported by the PSP's recent software update - and the quality difference should be quite noticeable over previous attempts.

PC users can get hold of a new version of PSP Video 9 (s'what we use), which is only a beta release but seems to work. Meanwhile Mac owners can go for iPSP, which, if it came in a tin, would probably do exactly what it said on it. And the tin would obviously be very shiny.

PSP will be released in Europe on September 1st, lest we forget. It will come pre-loaded with the 2.00 software, so all you'll need to take advantage is one of these tools, a decent-sized Memory Stick for storing the data and some means to transfer movies to that - like a USB cable from a digital camera.

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