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Twilight Princess Wii details

Plus: WarioWare Wii confirmed.

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New details have been revealed of how the Wii's unique freestyle controller will work with long-awaited GameCube title Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

According to Time magazine's Lev Grossman, the controller is highly impressive - "It's part laser pointer and part motion sensor, so it knows where you're aiming it, when and how fast you move it and how far it is from the TV screen. There's a strong whiff of voodoo about it."

Describing the experience of using the controller to play Twilight Princess, Grossman wrote: "Now I'm Errol Flynn, sword fighting with the controller, then aiming a bow and arrow, then using it as a fishing rod, reeling in a stubborn virtual fish."

Grossman also got the chance to try out the first Wii instalment in the WarioWare series: "In one hot minute, I use the controller to swat a fly, do squat-thrusts as a weightlifter, turn a key in a lock, catch a fish, drive a car, sauté some vegetables, balance a broom on my outstretched hand, colour in a circle and fence with a foil - and yes, dance the hula." Hurrah!

And that's not all - turns out there's also a tennis title in development for the Wii. The name of hte game has yet to be revealed, but according to Grossman, the controller will come into play here too: "The controller becomes a racket, and I'm smacking forehands and stroking backhands. The sensors are fine enough that you can scoop under the ball to lob it, or slice it for spin."

Sounds rather exciting - in fact, Grossman got so excited that he had to have the controller pried from his hands, apparently.

We'll be bringing you all the details live from Nintendo's E3 press conference, so don't forget to tune in at 5.30pm GMT tomorrow.

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