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D12 to star in Crime Life

Games don't kill people, rappers do.

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Detroit-based rappers D12 have signed up to provide tracks for Konami's new gangbanger, Crime Life: Gang Wars. They've done an exclusive track entitled 'Throw It Up' for the game, and will also lend their likenesses and voices to key characters.

Crime Life: Gang Wars follows the adventures of a young "hood" called Tre has he tries to get through life on the streets of Grand Central City, a town that makes the LA projects look like a Barratt Homes retirement village. Think Boys 'n' the Hood, New Jack City, GTA: San Andreas and the video for Flip Reverse It.

D12 crew members Bizarre, Kon Artis, Proof, Swifty, and Kuniva will play bosses of the Headhunterz gang (Jet, Hunter, Wolf and Saracen were busy), and "will be instantly recognisable thanks to D12's enthusiastic involvement," apparently.

Eminem's chums aren't the only ones getting in on the act: the soundtrack will also feature hummable Cop Killer-style ditties from up-and-coming hip hop stars including Guvnor P, Doom Man and Jason Flemyng, Seyi, Sweetie Ire, Dek the Raw and mnemonic. What no Bedingfield?

Good news for johnny foreigner too, as we're promised that the soundtrack will also feature "European artists who will perform in their respective languages." As big fans of French hip hop, we're very excited.

Crime Life: Gang Wars will be out on PS2, Xbox and PC this September. Word. You'll find the official website here.

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