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Nottingham to host game event

GameCity to kick off this October.

This October will see the launch of GameCity, a new interactive entertainment festival designed to bring top games industry bigwigs together with we the people for all sorts of games-related fun.

GameCity will take place in Nottingham during half-term week, running from 25th-29th October. Planned events include European premiere film screenings, game presentations and art exhibitions, including LA's Museum of Arts exhibition 'Into the Pixel'. There will also be all sorts of seminars, debates and workshops going on.

"GameCity will entertain, inform and educate individuals, industry and the public sector on the value and the potential of interactive entertainment for everyone, said GameCity director Iain Simons.

"With the phenomenal growth in this sector, we believe it’s the right time for the industry to start challenging itself in this way."

TT Games co-founder Jonathan Smith added: "The GameCity initiative brings together the broadest possible group of people who can shape the future of interactive entertainment, from industry professionals to young children; the game-makers of tomorrow.

"Making this exciting digital world accessible to such a wide audience, in a fresh and imaginative context, creates a real platform to extend opportunity and catalyse innovation. Most importantly, it’ll be a huge amount of fun for everyone involved, showcasing the power of gaming in an engaging and energising way."

In other words, everyone's invited and there will be games there. Hurrah!