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FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

Plus two series heading for PSP.

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Empire Interactive's latest financial report has revealed that the FlatOut series is heading to Xbox 360.

It'll be titled FlatOut: Total Carnage, and that's all that's known about the game so far - other than the fact that it'll feature all sorts of crash-bash demolition derby action, if the first two FlatOut games are anything to go by (they're really rather good, by the way).

The report also reveals that old days games compilation Taito Legends is coming to the PSP. The original version, which was released last October, featured more than 25 classic titles including Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Zoo Keeper and New Zealand Story.

And that's not all - Ford Street Racing is also getting an outing on the PSP.

Both Taito Legends and Ford Street Racing PSP are due out by the end of the year, but there's no word on when FlatOut 360 will make an appearance just yet.

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