Taito Legends 2

FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

Plus two series heading for PSP.

Empire Interactive's latest financial report has revealed that the FlatOut series is heading to Xbox 360.

Taito Legends 2

Taito Legends 2

39 games for less than the price of one...

Our love-hate relationship with gaming's charming, fragmented, tormented, and often admirably naïve past continues. The worst thing is when the illusion and delusion of your memories are rudely shattered with the reality of crappy visuals, torturously exacting mechanics and rank playability. But every now and then your hallowed vision of a purer, simpler past is reaffirmed - especially when you stumble across something you missed out on first time around.

Taito Legends 2 confirms both sides of the argument several times over, featuring a staggering 39 coin-operated hits spanning 18 years - some of which you'll be all-too familiar with, and others that will have escaped the attention of all but the most ardent MAME freak. Riding on the back of the success of last year's 29-strong compilation, there's more than a whiff of barrels being scraped, but by virtue of the sheer weight of numbers there are still enough gems to warrant shelling out a mere £12.99 for it (Play's price - less than half the price of the mediocre Namco collection also released this week).

With an unlikely quantity of games to wade through, it'd be an exercise in masochism to expect us to review every single one, but here are some of the highlights in the key categories for you to check out - as well as some of the ones to avoid.

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