Taito Legends

FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

Plus two series heading for PSP.

Empire Interactive's latest financial report has revealed that the FlatOut series is heading to Xbox 360.

Taito Legends

Taito Legends

Sometimes nostalgia is as good as it used to be

There are problems with Copyright, and the Games Industry has a problem with its old games. In fact, most of the time, you'd think the industry doesn't want you to know that old games have ever existed, and they're prepared to use Copyright Law to shut down emulation sites that allow you to play those old games; games from which those companies are no longer making any money, and if they had any decency would offer a blanket license of free of charge to those of us keeping some of mankind's finest creations alive. But no, they want to suppress these games because they are ashamed of them.

Rant over.

I and many other decent folk (not EVIL PIRATES FUNDING TERRORISM) had been ranting about it for years, and I was not sure anybody had really been listening to us about Abandonware. But there are signs that maybe somebody started to realize that money can be made from old games. Okay, so it's not a royalty-free license to emulate their old games, but many companies have now started to find ways of allowing you to play their back catalogue, in emulated form, on modern gaming hardware.

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Taito Legends line-up

Firing retros.

Empire and Xplosiv have revealed the vast number of titles that will be on its Taito Legends disc, set for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC, this October.