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FlatOut 2 details revealed

Twice as many vehicles.

Empire Interactive has revealed new details of PC, PS2 and Xbox smasher FlatOut 2.

It'll feature twice as many vehicles as the previous game - 34, in total - including not just muscle cars, but sports cars, pickup trucks and compacts. Each will have 40 deformable parts, and you'll be able to keep multiple vehicles in your garage.

The game is set in the US and race environments include Big City, LA Storm Drains, Rocky Mountain Forest, Corn Fields and Desert. There are 60 track combinations in total, each featuring more than 5000 destructible objects, and you'll now find alternative track routes - but watch out, so will your opponents. Each AI drive has their own personality, biography and driving style, too.

Championship Mode has been enhanced and there's now a greater emphasis on causing mayhem and destruction, with bigger rewards on offer in the shape of maximum performance and cash bonuses. Unlockable items include bonus cars, Championship Cups and six Destruction Derby Arenas.

Up to four players can race against each other in splitscreen mode, and all three versions will feature an online option - for up to six players on the PS2, or eight players on Xbox and PC.

And finally, the Rag Doll mini-games are back. There are 12 this time, plus a Rag Doll Championship and online support.

FlatOut 2 is out in May.