FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2 demo

Bit overdue, no?

It may have come out in June, but that hasn't stopped FlatOut 2's diligent owners not getting round to releasing a PC demo until December.

FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

Plus two series heading for PSP.

Empire Interactive's latest financial report has revealed that the FlatOut series is heading to Xbox 360.

FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2

Clunk click, every trip.

Often the best ideas - or, at the very least, the most fun ideas - come from doing things wrong. How many people playing Turbo Esprit on the Spectrum actually bothered chasing down purple drug cars? And how many hurtled around the city, knocking stick men off ladders? Why did everybody with an Amiga own a copy of Indy 500? Was it for the lifelike recreation of the world's most tedious motorsport, or was it because you could drive backwards around the track and watch the ensuing pile up in slow motion replay?

From Destruction Derby to Driver to Burnout, some of the most indecently entertaining car games of recent(ish) years have succeeded by encouraging gamers to do what's fun rather than what has always been deemed "right". In other words, smashing the ever-loving crap out of everyone else.

With this in mind, the original FlatOut is a curious beast. Released less than twelve months ago, it garnered good-to-glowing reviews (not least from this very website - "a hair's breadth from being legendary" howled Pat Garratt) and has since clocked up over 800,000 sales worldwide. But it's been a rather quiet sort of success, not really making an appreciable impact on the hive mind of the gaming public, the obvious merits of the game predictably overshadowed by the marketing hurricane unleashed by EA to promote its glossy Burnout sequels.

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FlatOut 2 details revealed

FlatOut 2 details revealed

Twice as many vehicles.

Empire Interactive has revealed new details of PC, PS2 and Xbox smasher FlatOut 2.

It'll feature twice as many vehicles as the previous game - 34, in total - including not just muscle cars, but sports cars, pickup trucks and compacts. Each will have 40 deformable parts, and you'll be able to keep multiple vehicles in your garage.

The game is set in the US and race environments include Big City, LA Storm Drains, Rocky Mountain Forest, Corn Fields and Desert. There are 60 track combinations in total, each featuring more than 5000 destructible objects, and you'll now find alternative track routes - but watch out, so will your opponents. Each AI drive has their own personality, biography and driving style, too.

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