Ford Street Racing

FlatOut coming to Xbox 360

Plus two series heading for PSP.

Empire Interactive's latest financial report has revealed that the FlatOut series is heading to Xbox 360.

Ford Street Racing

Ford Street Racing

Where the streets have no aim.

Low budget film guru Roger Corman famously boasted in his autobiography that he made a hundred movies in Hollywood and never lost a dime. He pulled off this impressive feat by using bigger movies to gauge what people were interested in, and served up more of the same, only faster and cheaper. When Spielberg made Jaws, Corman produced Piranha. When Star Wars exploded, Corman brought out Battle Beyond The Stars. When Jurassic Park dominated the box office, Corman gave us Carnosaur.

And what, I hear you sob, does all of this have to do with Ford Street Racing? Simple - it's essentially a Roger Corman version of Burnout, Project Gotham Racing or Need For Speed. The kids are into souped-up cars and urban speeding, so here's a bandwagon offering that attempts to offer similar thrills but at a pauper's price.

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