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Civil rights group slams Sony ad

And takes a pop at LocoRoco.

US civil rights group the NAACP has slammed an advert for the new white PSP which some observers have accused of being racist.

In a statement issued by the San Jose branch of the NAACP, chapter president Rick Callender also appeared to refer to recent allegations that PSP game LocoRoco also has racist overtones, stating: "The days of blacks being portrayed in minstrel shows are long gone, and with good reason. The minstrel show was an awful chapter in history and this ad smacks of that age and time.

"It is even further unacceptable that some corporations still think it is okay to use racially charged media images," Callender continued.

"The latest Sony ad conjures up bad memories of when stereotypical and offensive images of people of colour were accepted means of selling a product. Sony should immediately apologise and discontinue these archaic advertising tactics."

Callender's comments were echoed by California Assembly Speaker Leland Yee, who added: "I am deeply disappointed in Sony's senseless decision to publish this racially-charged advertisement.

"I can't begin to determine Sony's motivation but I believe this marketing strategy is unnecessary and is clearly offensive to many in our community."

Sony has previously defended the ad, which is only running in the Netherlands, stating that it is merely designed to show the contrast in colours of the two PSP models and has "no other message or purpose."

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