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Offset unveils new game

Sneak peek on Eurofiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Offset Studios has unveiled new details of its first game, Project Offset, along with a short video - now available on Eurofiles.

Offset currently comprises only three staff members - Sam MacGrath, Trevor Stringer and Travis Stringer - all of whom worked on Savage for S2. Their new project, a PC FPS set in an epic fantasy world, is described as "a game like no other first-person shooter to date."

You play as an archer, regardless of which character class you choose, and you get a sword too for melee battles. There's also a bit of vehicle combat involved, and we're promised creatures to ride, dragons to fly and siege weapons to bash things up with.

Game modes will include single player, co-operative, team-based objective and deathmatch, and it's all being put together using the new Offset engine, which means "every model is created with the amount of detail and effort normally found only in a cinematic, making you feel like you are part of an epic story."

Offset has yet to find a publisher or investor for the game, so there's no word yet on any kind of release date - we'll keep you posted.

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