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Killer 7 gets Japanese date

It's June over there, and in the States, and July on this side of the pond by the sound of it.

Capcom has finally announced a Japanese release date for Killer 7, the new cel-shaded adventure from Resident Evil and Devil May Cry creator Shinji Mikami.

It was originally announced as a GameCube exclusive and slated for release in late 2003, but wouldn't you know it - a PS2 version is turning up after all.

The game sees you taking control of seven unique assassins, all of whom are actually fictional characters who only exist within the mind of a mental bloke in a wheelchair. Oh, and two of them are having an affair. And one of the other ones fancies one of them. And there are zombies in it as well. Or something. It's all very confusing.

Anyway, Killer 7 will go on sale in Japan on June 9, according to IGN, with the US version expected to hit the shelves at about the same time. The game should be out over here on July 17th according to Capcom's latest schedule.

Those who pre-order Killer 7 in Japan will be rewarded with a bonus trance DVD titled 'Trama Tama Mix', which presents images from the game environment with a trippy ambient soundtrack. Capcom has yet to reveal whether the bonus DVD will also be available in other countries.

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