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Fathammer to produce more Giz

...Games. Five in total, including Pocket Ping Pong 2005 and Virtual Squash.

Finnish developer Fathammer is hard at work on five new titles for the Gizmondo, according to Tiger Telematics.

The games, which are scheduled for "imminent release", are listed as Pocket Ping Pong 2005, Hockey Rage 2005, Virtual Squash, Toy Golf and a "fast-paced" motocross game.

Some of those announced will make use of the Gizmondo's wireless Bluetooth connectivity for multiplayer matches, said Gizmondo Studios CEO Eric Peterson.

"Bluetooth offers a truly unique and exhilarating experience for multiplayer gaming as it is not reliant on an access point or static infrastructure," he explained.

"These games in particular are designed to be easily accessible and immediately gratifying, in both single and multiplayer scenarios."

Fathammer has traditionally developed games for mobile phones, and released the Fathammer Classics Pack to coincide with the Gizmondo's launch last month.

Fathammer's first Gizmondo title, the Fathammer Classics Pack, launched with the console last month. It was comprised of Angel Fish (space shooter), Stuntcar Extreme (buggy racer) and Super Drop Mania (Tetris).

The Gizmondo is currently only available in the UK, with a launch in Ireland planned for April 19 and US and Continental Europe releases to follow.

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