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Rockstar launches MP2 mod contest

Top prizes, too.

However unlikely it seemed at the time, the original Max Payne proved to be the ideal foundation for some of the finest amateur modifications ever released, and that's something that developer Remedy and publisher Rockstar are keen to continue nurturing in the sequel.

Following on from the release of Max Payne 2 mod creation tools, Rockstar is now running a competition to uncover the best original mod, best new dead man walking level and best real-time non-interactive movie.

Prizes look set to include a "tricked out" Max Payne 2 PC from Falcon Northwest, an ATI Radeon 9800 XT card, a cordless keyboard and mouse set from Logitech, and plenty of Max Payne 2 goodies. Full details are available here, and we certainly fancy the look of that Falcon Northwest PC. It's even better than the lovely new PC this writer is presently building for himself. Bah!