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New PC and Xbox CSI titles due in November

At least, that's what we understand from the dead woman's toenail scrapings.

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Ubisoft is preparing to release a pair of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation titles this November. On the PC, there's CSI: Miami, which we're guessing is a Miami-based spin-off of the original show (we don't watch it, so we wouldn't know), while Xbox owners can look forward to a CSI title combining the contents of both previous PC titles - the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and CSI: Dark Motives. The PC and Xbox titles will retail for 20 and 30 quid respectively.

The CSI titles are first-person adventures which involve solving mysteries by examining crime scenes thoroughly, questioning witnesses and analysing evidence using all sorts of exotic forensic technology. The Xbox title features all ten cases from the original CSI and Dark Motives, while CSI: Miami on the PC does all that and a bit more. It features the cast of the show, including authentic voice-overs, forensic reconstructions taken directly from the TV footage, and "Customisable gameplay", which gives you more control of the difficulty of the game, prompting the game to suggest appropriate forensic tools and hint at the location of crucial evidence.

Both games should be on the shelves at your local games shop this November. In fact, via the miracle of bothering to fire up Ubisoft's latest release schedule spreadsheet, we can tell you that both are down for November 26th. That's detective work, that is.

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