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GT4 Mobile not canned

Polyphony denies reports.

Some good news for Sony on a day they'd otherwise rather forget - Polyphony Digital has "categorically denied" reports that it's canned the PSP version of Gran Turismo.

Recent reports based on a translation of a Famitsu Weekly article suggested that Gran Turismo 4 Mobile, which has been trailed since before the PSP even came out, had been put on indefinite hold.

But that's rubbish, according to the developer. "We can categorically deny all speculation which suggests that PDI is not developing a GT franchise game for the PSP," the company said in a statement to Eurogamer today.

"In fact, we've reached the stage where a GT4 equivalent runs on the PSP hardware. However, our main focus at present, is the development and release of a GT title for the PS3 platform."

"Once this has been completed, we can return to, and jump-start, development for the PSP version. In regards to release dates and details, we'll be making further announcement, at a later date."

GT4 Mobile has been delayed repeatedly since it was announced ahead of the PSP's launch. Originally down for a late 2004 release in Japan, it then slipped to spring 2005, and since then it's become a bit vague.