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Company of Heroes demo

Replacing the beta one.

THQ has released a massive Company of Heroes demo to replace the beta version some enterprising Internet people grabbed off an American coverdisk last month.

Weighing in at an impressively whopping 1801MB, the demo features four tutorials and a pair of single-player missions, one of which takes you to the ever popular Omaha Beach.

That's because, obviously, Company of Heroes is a World War II game, put together by those clever people at Relic, who are really going for it. "Relic is a high quality studio, and we've had as many as 90 people at a time working on this product; it's our triple-A attempt at this genre," creative director Sean Dunn told us last month.

You'll need quite a beefy PC to get the most out of it - the readme file recommends a 3GHz processor, 1GB RAM and a 256MB video card - but THQ tells us it's a better yardstick for performance than the beta one was, so it might be worth looking into even if you tried that.

The full game's due out on September 14th in Americaland, and on September 29th here in Europe.