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Trailer for Company of Heroes film starring Vinnie Jones released

Should grab you by the balls.

Vinnie Jones - Wimbledon Football Club's biggest star since John Fashanu - returns to the big screen in the new Company of Heroes movie.

Filming started earlier this year in Bulgaria and now UFO Productions is ready to share a trailer.

It's not that bad; it's a rousing tale of a troop of soldiers caught behind enemy lines after World War 2's Battle of the Bulge - Hitler's last punch. Cue heroics and camaraderie.

Cockney guvna Jones doesn't say a lot in the trailer. He's flanked by fellow actors Tom Sizemore (Sgt Horvath Saving Private Ryan) and Neal McDonough (Fletcher in Minority Report).

The film's being directed by Don Michael Paul (Half-Past Dead, Who's Your Caddy?, The Garden). I can't find a release date anywhere but I assume it's being timed to coincide roughly with Company of Heroes 2 in spring next year.

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