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X360 spring update today

Mid-morning launch.

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Microsoft's announced that the much anticipated spring update for Xbox 360 will go live at 10am this morning UK time.

Boasting "more than 125 revolutionary features and enhancements", the spring update's principally known for its background download manager, which will allow you to queue up to six items at a time, which will download quietly as you do other things - and pause and resume around your multiplayer activities.

But that's not all, with new Marketplace arrangement menus to avoid clutter, fast-forward and rewind functions added to downloaded videos, at multiple speeds, artist and song information added to the music playback screen, smoother use of custom music during load-pauses and content-transitions, DVD movie bookmarking so you can resume sessions, and smoother playback of DVDs "including additional VGA support".

Presumably there's lots more on top of that too, or we wouldn't be hearing the number 125 bandied around. It'll be interesting to see what else has obviously (or inobviously) changed across the dashboard - something you'll be able to do from 10am today.

What's more, the update's available to you whether you own an Xbox 360 Core System or full one (it's stored away from the hard disk), and it doesn't matter if you have a Silver or Gold Live subscription either - everyone should be able to get their hands on it.

Microsoft's planning more of these giant dash updates to launch biannually. So if you want to see some new features not included here in the next one, get whinging!

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