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Best Thompson game yet?

New company rises to challenge.

Three alcoholics have teamed up with a foreign exchange student to meet the game design challenge posed by notorious anti-videogame campaigner Jack Thompson.

That's according to the website for the new company, which goes by the name of Thompsonsoft and was "formed around the singular idea that Jack Thompson is the most brilliant game designer in the universe."

It all started in October of last year when Thompson published 'A Modest Videogame Proposal' - his idea for the ultimate game concept. Thompson promised to donate $10,000 to charity if someone went ahead and developed it.

The founders of Thompsonsoft aren't the first to take up the challenge, but their effort is certainly one of the finest yet. Billed as "The first videogame to star a middle-aged half-Korean / half-Japanese man who cries all the time," I'm O.K. is a classic action platformer featuring seven weapons, including baseball bats, uzis and rocket launchers. It's built around Thompsonsoft's proprietary Realistic Urine Engine, and features the same plot outlined in Thompson's original proposal.

But that doesn't mean he's going to cough up the $10,000, oh no. According to a post on Game Politics, Thompson claims that "The creation of this 'game' does not meet the terms and conditions of the Modest Proposal. Not even close; thus, no cigar.

"The attorneys for these idiots will be contacted," he added.