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Raven Shield patched

Good news for broken ravens.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Raven Shield has been patched again with the release of the version 1.53 update this week. Described as a "hotfix", 1.53 integrates a new update system to take the fun out of fixing it up every time a patch comes out, now supports adding custom player-made operatives to the game, and also makes numerous slight changes to pave the way for oft-delayed expansion pack Athena Sword, which is due out on March 19th, and indeed any future expansion packs. The patch also addresses a number of other small bugs. Here! Look! Download locations!

But, what's this? In the words of the official Raven Shield website, "You may notice these fixes are the same as in 1.52, which is true." Uhuh. "However, 1.53 aims to resolve the wall-peek issue entirely, as well as fix the issues the users of OEM discs have been having." Ah, that'd be the issue of gamers having their retail discs rejected because they have drive tools like Alcohol 120% installed on their hard disk? (The old "drain the ocean" approach to tackling smugglers?) No? Oh, this is another genuine problem related to OEM disc drives... Shame - I needn't have mentioned all that other stuff in retrospect, eh?

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