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Alone in the Dark for 360

X05: Bad news for Achluophobes.

Adding to the list of new game announcements coming out of the X05 event, Atari has confirmed that survival-horror franchise Alone in the Dark is heading for the Xbox 360 next year.

Paying no heed to the dodgy Christian Slater film based on the franchise, or previous news that a PS3 version is in development, Atari released a spattering of screens and art, before talking up the "astonishing real-time physics and full environmental interaction."

Lyon-based studio Eden Games is in charge of creating the next-gen nightmare and according to Atari Europe's marketing director, Cyril Voirin, the company is "supremely confident that they will deliver a visceral and gripping experience that will establish the Alone in the Dark franchise as the leader of the next-generation survival genre and once again, remain ahead of the pack."

Apart from the decidedly vague promise of "a unique gameplay structure adapted for a broader audience" (whatever that means), no further details regarding the all-important storyline, characters or actual gameplay have been revealed at this stage. We'd expect long-term darkness fan Edward Carnby to make another appearance, although he must be in his sixties by now, so you'd have to wonder if the old ticker could withstand many more scares at this stage.

Microsoft mouth Peter Moore added his tuppence, promising "an intense and voracious gaming experience" which will "look and play amazing on Xbox 360". In the meantime, keep your friends close and the lights on while you check out these screens.