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Suikoden V on the way

For PS2 - but who knows when.

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Konami has announced that a fifth instalment in the Suikoden series of RPGs is heading to PS2.

Genso Suikoden V, as it's titled in Japan, is set in the land of Fallena, where women rule all and expect no help on Thursdays or any other day of the week, thank you.

You play as a girly-looking prince, apparently, and you're assisted by a sidekick called Rionne who's a dab hand with a sword. The Queen of Fallena - your mum, in other words - is also important to the storyline, but that's all Konami is saying for the time being.

There's no word on a release date as yet. Suikoden V will be on show at the Tokyo Games Show next week, so expect more news then.

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