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DoD Source nearly ready

Out later this month says Valve.

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Valve's Source Engine-enhanced version of Day of Defeat will shortly be available to Steam users, the developer announced on Friday.

Valve has advised users: "While we're not quite ready to pin down the exact date of when it will be available to play, we are confident that it will happen in September. Once we do have an exact date and time for when the game will be activated, we'll let everyone know."

However, fans will be given a week's notice in order to pre-order and download all the necessary files so that when the game is ready to play there will be no waiting around.

The WWII multiplayer shooter will be available for a standalone purchase over Valve's Steam digital download service, as well as being made available for free to Half-Life 2 Silver and Gold subscribers. Owners of the boxed edition of Counter-Strike Source will also be able to grab the game. Happy days.

Now just give us Lost Coast, please Valve...

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