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New City of Heroes update

And City of Villains trailer.

NCsoft has annnounced plans to release a new update for comic book-inspired PC MMORPG City of Heroes.

Titled Issue #5: Forest of Dread, the update will be free of charge to existing subscribers when it's released this summer. It features an all-new Zone for heroes to explore - the mystical land of Croatoa, which is inhabited by villains such as Fir Bolg, a giant, and someone called Tuatha de Dannan.

The update will also include a new epic Task Force and two power sets - Archery and Sonics - for use by Defenders, Blasters and Controllers.

New Zone Events will "test heroes to the limit, asking them to stop arson attacks and break up an out-of-control superpowered rave." [complete with glowsticks?!] Plus you can expect new mission customisations and badges.

Meanwhile, NCsoft is still hard at work on CoH's alter-ego - City of Villains - which will see Paragon City coming under threat from a whole new batch of evil geniuses, vengeful scoundrels and superheroes-gone-bad. A new trailer for the game, complete with a narration by lead designer Jack Emmert, is now available for download.

Issue 5#: Forest of Dread will be released in August, and City of Villians will slated for a release by the end of the year.

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