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Konami announces Shaman King titles

For PS2 and GBA.

Konami is aiming to follow up the success of its Yu-Gi-Oh series of games with another licensed comic book property, Shaman King, having secured the rights to develop and publish games based on Hiroyuki Takei's anime series in Europe and North America.

At the moment Konami is planning two titles, for PS2 and GBA, both slated for release in the US in summer 2004, and in Europe to coincide with the TV series' launch. At the moment the series is already broadcast in Spain and France, with comics available in France, Germany and Italy.

Developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, the Shaman King titles will follow the story of Yoh Asukura, an average-looking student with a secret - the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits. As one of a chosen few Shamen, Yoh teams up with the ghost Amidamaru on a quest to be crowned Shaman King in the Grand Tournament held once every 500 years.

On the PS2, Shaman King aims to blend strategy, battling and RPG ideas as Yoh works to overcome numerous enemies and the machinations of an organisation planning to prevent the Grand Tournament taking place. The GBA title meanwhile will be a side-scrolling adventure in which gamers use Yoh's inherent ability to control ghosts and spirits in battle with his enemies.