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US Virtual Console updated

Four more titles for Monday.

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Nintendo has announced the release of four more titles on its US Virtual Console service, with Donkey Kong Jr., Victory Run, Columns and Ristar going live in the US today.

What are they about then? Well, Donkey Kong Jr. is the NES port of the classic arcade game (and not a SNES port as Nintendo's press release mistakenly claims), and costs 500 Wii points.

Victory Run, meanwhile, is a TurboGrafx-16 title (i.e. one of Hudson's) and costs 600 Wii points. It's a rallying game. Since I've never played on a TurboGrafx and am slightly convinced it's made-up, I have no idea what it's like.

SEGA's puzzle title Columns I have played, of course - although this is the Megadrive vintage, and at 800 Wii points you're going to have to like Columns a lot to really get on board, while Ristar's another Megadrive title, another 800 Wii points, and - along with the others - probably available for a lot less than this on another compilation disc somewhere.

Watch out for more on Virtual Console's European offerings, which go live along with the Wii console on 8th December. Retailers seem to be asking GBP 14.99 for 2000 Wii points in the UK.

Nintendo has previously said it aims to release new titles on Virtual Console every Monday.

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