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Meier hints at console Civ

And DS Civ, for that matter.

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Firaxis' Sid Meier has hinted at the possibility of console and handheld based versions of his famous Civilization series - and he's not averse to the idea of episodic gaming either.

"I think the latest consoles have the processing power to deliver fun experiences with the bigger strategy games. It's definitely something we've been keeping our eyes on and we'll let you know where we'll go from here," Meier said, speaking to mark the release of a new box-set of Civilization games (Civilization Chronicles).

On the subject of handheld games, Meier told GameSpot that Firaxis' goal "is to deliver Civilization on any game platform that makes sense. If we can deliver a fun experience to the players on the DS, then we'll do it. We're still in the exploratory mode on all of this, but will definitely let you know our plans as soon as they're set."

As for the possibility of episodic downloads, "it's definitely something we've been talking about," he adds, admitting that Firaxis has "lots of ideas we want to act on" but concluding that "it's just a matter of timing and human resources in figuring out how to make it all happen".

Meier's most recent game (well, the most recent "Sid Meier's" fronted PC game from Firaxis, at any rate) is Railroads, which is reviewed elsewhere on the site.

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