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Molyneux excited by Wii

"A pure design challenge".

Peter Molyneux has joined the bloated ranks of developers who admit they fancy a go developing for Nintendo Wii.

Speaking to CVG, Molyneux said the console was something he'd "love to play around with".

"You know, it's a pure design challenge and the biggest change you can make in a designer's life is changing the controller," he said.

The idea of having to think in terms of motion rather that what belongs on the X button and so on excites him, he added.

But with Fable 2 and potentially at least one other project (whether it turns into a game or not) under way at Lionhead, Molyneux's probably got his hands full for now.

And of course Lionhead's now part of Microsoft, and Microsoft apparently has its own console (we're looking into it), so the chances of a Molyneux Wii game are pretty much zilch.

Then again as we discovered yesterday his current goal is to convey emotions like unconditional love - and what better way to do that than with a six-inch prosthetic wand that can be projected into a game?